almost belated

7 Jul

My mother informed me the other day, quite gleefully, I might add, that she has gone on Medicare. I don’t remember Dad sounding so chipper or making an announcement about this same fact when he turned 65, but therein you have one of the many differences between the two of them. Mom is happy to make proclamations great and small (“I’m ready for grandkids now!” was one she stated heartily a few years ago) while Dad is more prone to keeping his opinions to himself.

Though oddly enough, not when it comes to slicing melons. One time we were in the kitchen, and Dad was cutting up a ripe cantaloupe for whatever reason when he looked up from the fruit and declared quite proudly and with great authority, “I am the best melon slicer in the world. I do a great job of cutting cantaloupe.” He does do a fine job, and being that he had a knife in his hand, you know, I wasn’t about to argue.

Neither of them is big on having parties thrown for them, but I often wonder how birthdays were celebrated in their households when they were growing up. Isn’t it weird, to think about your parents when they were kids? I mean, you hear the stories and you see the pictures, but what was it really like? What were THEY like?

You’ll never really get a good answer for questions like these, but at least I have answers for other questions I’ve come across in life, like what part of the cow different cuts of steak come from (thanks, Dad), what the hell Watergate was all about (thanks, Mom), why algebra and geometry are important (erm..thanks, Dad. I think.), the importance of world travel (thanks, Mom), and how to raise four girls to be loving, caring, productive members of society without losing your shit (thanks, Mom and Dad).

When I called to wish them a happy birthday earlier tonight they weren’t home. Off celebrating, I presume. But if I was there, I would open a bottle of wine for Mom and pour her a glass, and had Dad a big plate of cheap cookies (I swear that’s not an insult, he really does love them) and say, “Happy birthday, Mom and Dad, I love you very much.”


One Response to “almost belated”

  1. Cassie July 8, 2010 at 1:09 PM #

    Your mom and dad have the same birthday?

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