the perfect combination

9 Jun

Last night, via text, around 11 pm EST:

Me: May I put some photos of you up on McPolish?

Sister #2: Only if they are good ones! JCSS is on Ovation!

Me: Ovation?

Sister #2: It’s a channel. It’s awesomeosity! Yes I made up that word! Booyah!

Me: I don’t understand why awesomeosity isn’t already a word. Is perfect. Add it to Oxford’s

Sister #2: I shall submit it. Awesomosity: see Strzelecki Family. OMG, Joseph is going to be on tomorrow! I can’t even stand it! Best birfday evarrrr!

Me: It’s like they KNEW.

Sister #2: I knows! It’s too good.

Pop some popcorn, open the wine, it’s on track to be a great day.

I love you muchly, Sister #2. Happy birthday.


One Response to “the perfect combination”

  1. Megan (Best of Fates) June 10, 2010 at 2:00 AM #

    I LOVE Jesus Christ Super Star. My mom would have it on every year during spring cleaning. So weirdly my memories are entirely positive, yet focus almost entirely on dusting.

    Also, once, while on spring break in Florida w/my best friend and some of her friends from college I discovered one of the other girls also knew/loved JCSS and so we had it play on my ipod while fixing dinner for some guy we met at the pool who my bestie had convinced to come back with us. Oh yeah, he thought we were cool.

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