a thing for ferry boats

26 Apr

We went this route specifically so we could take the ferry. We could have gone a shorter route, a faster route out to the Leesburg area to go wine tasting, but…I mean, they would have been lovely and all, but…but….it meant we wouldn’t have been able to take the ferry.

White’s Ferry Rd is a long stretch that winds mostly through Poolesville, taking you through what appears to be some of the many off-the-beaten paths of Maryland. And eventually, the road dead-ends at the Potomac.

And you wait for the ferry to take you across to Virginia.

It’s a $4 one-way trip, and I imagine if you were to take it every day it would be a pain in the dupa to say the least, particularly if you’re at the end of the vast line of cars that line up single file, backing up White’s Ferry Road. But we got there at a good time, we were the third car in line, and watched as across the river the ferry dropped a load of cars off to drive off to their Virginian destinations. The ferry men ushered another gaggle of cars onto the ferry, locked up the ends so no cars would go sliding out either end, and began the slow trek back across the Potomac to Maryland.

It’s not a pretty ferry, by any means. The ferry boats that McDreamy says he has “a thing for” are leaps and bounds more romantical and loverly than this White’s Ferry. It is utilitarian, no-frills, only there to do a job, to get people from one state to another in a direct route instead of having to go up and over or down and around.

And yet there we sat, two 31-year-olds, a grown-ass man and a grown-ass woman, geeked out beyond compare because ferry….FERRY! We’re on the ferry! We love the ferry!

Truth be told, I was so busy trying to take pictures that The Swede had to stop me at one point and say, “You know we’re moving, right?”

“We are?” I replied, dropping my camera and looking out the window. Slowly but surely, the ferry was rippling through the water toward the Virginia shoreline. I stared for a minute, watching the water move, trying to feel the movement underneath the still car (all motors turned off), only to realize I was starting to get a little woozy.

Focusing on The Swede’s coffee cup helped, with glances up every now and then to see how much closer we were and so as not to miss out on the whole experience.

Because, the ferry!

It’s not something to be missed.


4 Responses to “a thing for ferry boats”

  1. The Swede April 26, 2010 at 7:35 PM #

    The ferry was the highlight of the day. And, that is saying something, seeing as it was a good day all around.

    I want to live life at a pace where taking the ferry is feasible.

  2. Megan (Best of Fates) May 4, 2010 at 8:15 AM #

    I can’t believe I live near a ferry (well, Northern VA, but still, not very far) and have never taken it.

    Now that’s going on the to-do list.

    • mollystrz May 4, 2010 at 12:56 PM #

      It’s all of a 4 minute ride (a dollar a minute? heh.) but seriously, DO IT! And then we can compare notes.


  1. pairings « McPolish.com - May 18, 2010

    […] While I haven’t come across a Maryland or Virginia wine that’s knocked my socks off, that hasn’t stopped me from taste-testing at any vineyard I can get my hands on. A few weeks ago, LivingSocial.com had a great deal—$15 for $30 worth of wine or wine tasting at Corcoran Vineyards. Neither The Swede nor I had ever heard of this place, but we figured what the hell, at the very least we’d get to ride a ferry boat. […]

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