the hitch

3 Mar

As of 8:30 this morning, gay couples in the District may apply for marriage licenses at the DC Superior Court Marriage Bureau.

To which I say: UGH.

I mean, think about it. This being a big city full of as many same-sex couples as eager to get hitched as there are opposite-sex couples, I imagine the line will be out the door and around the corner. I hope that those couples heading over to grab their marriage licenses are prepared. Bring a crossword puzzle or something. Because is there anything worse than waiting in a long-ass line with nothing to do?

Though I guess if same-sex couples have waited this long to finally have the courts get their heads out of their asses so same-sex couples can the same option and right as opposite-sex couples in DC, another hour of waiting might not seem like a big deal.

(And of course in true DC fashion, there will be cupcakes.)


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