she’s full of the awesome

1 Mar


Over Christmas I got to meet one of my interwebs friends. It’s not often I get to actually meet interwebs friends, unless, of course, you count that time I did for awhile, and A) those weren’t friends, and 2) I wish I’d never met them, and III) except not really, because then I wouldn’t have an awesome story about how I was reprimanded for cutting the tip off the brie, or the subsequent awesome story about getting into a dating-ending argument over school vouchers Biddy Mulligan’s.


Never you mind about those douchebags.

ANYWAY, I got to meet one of my interwebs/blogging friends I actually like and wanted to meet after Christmas while I was in Chicago. I’d been a fan of Aunt Becky for all of a month (I think I’d stumbled across her blog through niobe?) at the time, and we’d engaged in fast and furious email friendship after discovering a mutual love for swearing the motherfucking shit out of things for no other reason than we both like the F-bomb.

Now that, my friends, is a true bond.

 So I met up with Aunt Becky and her husband, The Daver, for a delightful lunch at Wishbone, where we got to know each other in person, talk smack about people (no we didn’t…it was Christmas, after all…) (okay, maybe we totally did) (but only a little), and in general solidified our blogging friendship, even though Aunt Becky and her site are way more popular and full of the awesome than mine will ever be. Which I’m totally cool with, because well, I have a bit of a Girl Crush on Aunt Becky so I’m just glad she likes me and am happy to be her friend.

And as such, that was essentially a long, drooling intro to what I really wanted to say, which is that Aunt Becky is writing a book. But first! She’s got to prove to the publishers that people will buy her book, which is where you come in, my dear readers, all four of you. Head on over here and fill out the page to let the publishers know that you would buy the book. Even if you don’t buy the book, just say you will, because all they really want are numbers more than anything else. Hell, put in all 14 of your email addresses if you feel so inclined.

 But more than anything, I’d love you so much if you helped support my friend Aunt Becky. (Like, bake you cookies love-you-so-much.) Besides the fact that she’s a rockin’ gal with hilarious stories to tell, you’d be doing yourself and your karma a little favor by taking 30 seconds to fill out the form and help a friend (of a friend).


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