life can be sweet. or bacony.

27 Feb

Edith Piaf wasn’t there Thursday night in Baltimore, but a few of my pals were. Pazo has a new Thursday night special called “Cupcakes and Cocktails,” the menu of which includes a bacon and manchengo cupcake.

Yeah, you read that right.

I, however, went for the angel food cupcake that had crème anglaise and raspberry sorbet, because if there is anything I’m a sucker for, it’s angel food cake. And raspberry sorbet. And crème anglaise. The petite dessert was paired with the above drink, named La Vie En Rose, which was made with moscato, some lychee juice, rose water, and a delicate rose petal floating on top. It smelled as light and sweet as it tasted, and it was then that I realized that if I actually lived in Baltimore I would weigh approximately 5,697 pounds because oh, how I love their restaurant scene.


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