philly, part 1

18 Jan

We spent this past weekend in Philly, visiting friends, eating too much food, playing with cute babies, and in general just not being in DC.

I’ve been to Philly a few different times, but this weekend was the first time I’d spent any time wandering around the Italian market, before heading over to the Famous 4th Street Deli where I consumed half of an insanely large pastrami sandwich, potato pancakes, 17 pickles, and some coleslaw.

What? Did you not read the part earlier about eating too much food? Mayhaps this contributed to it.

If you haven’t been to the Italian Market, let me just tell you that hours could easily and happily wasted away wandering up and down the streets, tucking in and out of the cheese shops, the pasta shops, the butchers, the spice emporiums. If you’re looking for an exotic ingredient or accoutrement for your cooking, you will most likely find it in the Italian Market. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE KITCHEN STORE. I was thisclose to throwing myself down on the floor, right there in front of the varieties of parchment paper and declaring this land for Molly.

I don’t know that that would have gone over very well with the store’s owners, and most certainly not with the other patrons squeezing through the tight aisles, but This Girl has got to do what This Girl has got to do.

You have to admire any place that creates a community, and the Italian Market does just that. And of course does it with its own unique flavor.

Living in DC, I know from fundraisers. You can take your black-tie, gala events and $500 per plate dinners. The Italian Market is a fundraiser after my own heart.

How can this not be a good time?


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