the great snow of aught-nine

22 Dec

I’m not going to regale you with tales of how this was the Worst Snow I’ve Ever Seen in the four years I’ve lived out here. Or how the mayor had called a snow emergency before a flake had even fallen from the sky – which is good that he did, of course, so that the DOT workers could be prepared and get all three of their salt trucks and one plow ready – but which served to do nothing more than panic, PAAANIIIIIICCCC! the entire DC region. So much so that when I went to Safeway on Friday afternoon at 3:30, it was more crowded than the weekend before Thanksgiving. Tempers flared into the high red alert! Red aleeeeerrrrttt!!!! zone over parking spots and no my cart was here first, get out of my way there is a BLIIIIZZZZZZAARRRRRDDD! coming! And I was all, listen bitches, I’m having my own crisis here, I ran out of cupcake liners.

You think I’m kidding? I’m not. To be fair, however, the snow we got over the weekend was more akin to a Midwestern (experienced) or Upstate New York (so I’ve heard) snow than anything else. They don’t know what to do with an inch and a half when it falls, let alone a whole FOOT and a half. Which was beautiful and serene as layer gathered upon layer, piling up around cars and falling softly on tree branches, but it’s beauty really did nothing else for the region’s people except ratchet up the crazies.

Because we need more of that here in Our Nation’s Capital.

So I’m not going to regale you with any of those stories. Because they are rampant, I’m sure, across the blogo-interwebosphere, with much eye-rolling in the writing from people who are from areas that actually see snow and can deal with snow but yet are surrounded by a city that goes all sorts of sideways haywire when this strange, cold, white stuff flutters down in droves.

Instead I will tell you is that yes, I did get my cupcake liners. And yes, I did make it home safely. And yes, all was well. And yes, as flakes twinkled down from the darkened sky, it was one of the most beautiful nights that carried on through the next day.

The bummer fact that it took me an hour to dig out my car a day later, during which I slipped and sat down hard in the snow not once, but twice, covering my jeans, my gloves, my everything, with snow slipping down into my chonies and OH MY GOD SNOW IS VERY COLD ON ONE’S BARE ASS, FYI, was cancelled out by the fact that I had Monday off of work, because things still aren’t working properly in this city, and probably won’t be back up to their usual speed for at least a couple of days.

Snow is good. Even in this part of the country, even with all the crazies and the PANIC! and the shutting down of life as we know it, except for the video store and the pizza place

Even with all of that.

Snow is good.


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