step-ball-change, kick!

3 Dec

You know what else helps when you’re having a bit of a day and you feel like you need to organize the chaos

Baking a cake.


Just me?


Well fine, then you do not get to have any of my cake with a kick. You also do not get to have any of the peace of mind that washes over me when things seem to be wonky and my head feels swimmy and I pull open the cupboards and first I put this in a bowl and then this, and then this and then I do this and then I stir it and then I put it in the oven, all in that order, look, it’s all there laid out, step by step, nice and orderly, and then TA-DAAAA!

I have a cake!

With a kick!

And holy shit is it good nom nom nom

But if that seems crazy to you, well, then I don’t know what to say. Except that it works for me.

If it doesn’t seem crazy to you, then maybe check out this recipe, which I pulled many moons ago from one of the online food chats for the Washington Post. (I do love those Food Rangers!)

Cake with a Kick!

Take a yellow cake mix and prepare it as per the instructions. Add in ½ cup sour cream and a bag of chocolate chips. Throw it in a bundt pan and bake as directed.

That’s it. There are no directions other than that. It’s like, the easiest thing ever.

I know I feel better. How about you? Or do you have another method that calms the crazies that you’d care to share?


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