words to live by

12 Nov

Remember when I was a bridesmaid in October? Good times. As my gift, my best gal gave me a bag of goodies she knew I would love because, well, she’s known me for over half my life and generally during that time you get to know a person’s likes and dislikes pretty well. She knows that I like shoes and pizza, and I know that she hates when you sing at her, using your thumb as a microphone.



My point is one of the items in my bag of presents was a sassy flask. This makes two flasks that my lovely best girl has given me. They are the only two flasks I own. A girl should always have more than one flask in her life, because different situations require different sneaky booze, and every smart gal lives by the credo of always being prepared. Which actually belongs to the boy scouts, I think, but we’re prettier than them, so I don’t think they’ll mind too much if I just pilfer it for my own use just this once. It just goes so well with my #1 set of words to live by: Do it for the story.




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  1. the snow of doom is no match for biscuits « McPolish.com - February 7, 2010

    […] In fact, I think it actually helps. I think the biscuit dough likes it when you sing to it. At the very least, if you sing to it, it won’t threaten to kick you out of the car like my friend Beh Beh does when I sing to her. […]

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