4 Nov

I find my friend JMac very inspirational. Not only is does she inspire me to be more organized, but she also inspires me to get nifty gadgets that make my heart sing in the kitchen. I look up to her for this reason. Actually, that’s a lie. She’s shorter than me, so technically I look down on her. But inspirationally I look up to her.


You know what I mean.

Anyshoes, have I ever told you how much I love olive oil? I love olive oil. There is nothing I don’t love about olive oil. It smells good. It feels good. It tastes like heaven. It comes in both large and small quantities, and I usually buy the large quantities because I love olive oil. And I tend to blow through even the large quantities pretty quickly.

And yet.

Those large quantities: so unruly. Part of why I blow through olive oil so quickly is probably because I get all sorts of excited over olive oil that when I’m cooking with it (and not measuring how much I’m using. Who measures?) I tend to throw some in. And then maybe a little more. And then sometimes a smidge more. And it just flows with that lovely glug sound out of the unwieldy bottle. And then poof! It’s gone. And I have to make another trip to the Safeway for another bottle of olive oil and everyone in the store is staring at me like, “For serious? You’re out of olive oil AGAIN? You’re going too turn into an olive. I think your pit is already showing.”

So, inspired by my friend JMac’s recent purchase (see? Full! Circle!) of a handy dandy olive oil bottle with pour spout, I bought one too. (Yes, of course I bought it at World Market. This is not a question.)


Olive oil


And I am lurving it. Much less excess olive oil in my cooking. No awesome deep glug sound, but it does have a lilting, feminine ploop stream sound. (What?) I didn’t think it was possible, but using this olive oil bottle has increased my love of olive oil. I feel like olive oil possibilities are endless. Even endlesser than before.

And don’t even get me started on flavored olive oils.

Too late.


Olive and wells

Back in August, we threw a baby shower for Sister #1, and as a thank you gift to me she gave me a bottle of blood orange olive oil and a bottle of white peach balsamic vinegar.


Blood orange

It’s like she knows the true joys of my heart.


White peach balsamic

I’ve paced myself using these delicate, flavorful oils, savoring them in each dish. I like the olive oil best – so far – when a little is used to sauté some veggies and toss them with pasta. And when you add in some chicken that’s been marinated in a bit of the white peach balsamic.

Just a suggestion.


Aren’t they all just so pretty to look at?



Flavored oil and vinegar from Olive &Well in Oak Park, IL.


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