26 Oct

Sister #1 is a new mama, and when I called her on Saturday to ask her how she felt about being another year older, she replied, “Tired.”

To be expected.

You’d think she’d have gotten over the tiredness of being a mom, really; she’s been taking care of me for quite some time now, helping me navigate through life, teaching me the important details of staying organized and working hard. She is the one who told me, as I neared my college graduation, “You work for what you want. You are not entitled to anything.”

Sister #1 has beautiful hair and is a terrific cook, and though I may not be entitled to dinner at her house when I stay there, if I ask very, very nicely she will usually make me something delicious. She is demanding only in that she demands sister time, taking charge as the oldest, leading us out to the back porch and pouring wine and keeping us talking until just after 4 am. Without exceptions, you don’t even need to look at the clock, trust me, if you’re asking what time it is, it is 4 am.

She is a talented writer, she taught me necessary lessons in life, like staying cultured, so she took me to a Harry Belafonte concert. And being well-socialized, so she took me to my first keg party. All before the age of 12.

She is the one of the three sisters that people say I look like the most, which I guess kind of makes us sort of like bookends of the four of us, the oldest and the youngest.

She is funny and friendly and opinionated and strong, and if I was with her right now, I would hand her a glass of wine and some mushy brownies on a silver platter and say, “Happy Birthday, I love you very much.”


Annie Choking Me

Sisters…sisters….there were never such devoted sisters…..


One Response to “belated”

  1. annie October 27, 2009 at 5:03 PM #

    no sisters were harmed in the taking of this photo

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