the most boring channel ever. and cake!

7 Oct

Baby Watch! 2009! is still the most boring channel ever. Nothing is happening. This kid is never coming out. So I’ve decided to go to lunch with one of my other sisters while the pregnant one goes to the doctor so the doctor can confirm why yes, yes indeed, your child is not going to be born until, oh, 2012, because he’s just that comfortable in your womb.

But in the meantime, have some cake!

My best gal, happens to be a funeral director, and is in love with another funeral director, which is good since they got married this weekend. And as funeral directors are wont to be, they are incredibly fun, party-type people who like the whimsy. Hence, the cake at their rehearsal dinner:


Yeah, it was pretty awesome. And freakin’ tasty, too. Who knew death could be so delicious?

urn cake

This top urn cake was almond with apricot filling.

casket cake

This bottom casket cake was chocolate banana cake with peanut butter mousse filling. Would you just LOOK at the DETAIL on this thing? Clever, I tell you. There is nothing better than clever cake.

Casket and urn cake courtesy of The Cake Girls right here in Chicago.


5 Responses to “the most boring channel ever. and cake!”

  1. Monica h October 20, 2009 at 11:32 PM #

    ha ha! this is so funny!


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