ha cha cha cha chaaa

5 Oct

We are officially on Baby Watch! 2009!

(Said by jumping out from around a corner and waving your hands to the side. If you’d like to add an enthusiastic Ha cha cha cha chaaaaa! at the end, This Girl is certainly not going to stop you.)

Baby Thundercat was supposed to show up on Saturday, but seeing as how I was standing up in a wedding that day, I was slightly relieved that he did not. And now it’s two days later, and Baby Watch! 2009! is a terrifically boring channel right now, as said baby does not seem to have any desire to come and greet the world and This Girl is currently in Chicago for the next week from DC and has been hoping he will show up while she is here and no she swears she won’t hold your late arrival against you, Thundercat, and deduct $10 from the value of every present she ever buys you for the rest of your life for every day you don’t show your face.

Since he’s not here, and to be polished and prepared, the supporting actress of Baby Watch! 2009! and I took the show on the road and got manicures and pedicures and then came home, where the dogs are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Thundercat so we can get back to watching Animal Planet and House Hunters.

Toby Waits 2

Okay, so maybe really they’re anxiously awaiting the dog cookie that I’m holding in my hand.

Ace Waits 2

Baby….dog cookie…whatever.


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