all bound for mu mu land

22 Sep

Recently  I was on The Facebook and one friend’s status update alluded to her digging through her 90s dance music and pulling out hot tunes from groups like Snap, House of Pain, TLC. And then she mentioned KLF. And I about fell out of my chair in excitement.

I have very distinct memories of playing each of these songs on repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat in my bedroom when I was somewhere around the age of 13. There was a lot of dancing going on to these songs, and by dancing, I mean hopping around my bedroom in what in my head was a very stylish, rhythmic fashion. In reality my parents were probably wondering how long it would take until I fell through the ceiling.



This one was much with the hopping, let me tell you:


One Response to “all bound for mu mu land”

  1. Discoking March 5, 2010 at 6:00 PM #

    Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

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