foundations for a good start

11 Aug


I was going through some old photos recently and came across this one from last…fall?…I believe. One of my all-time favorite shops, Bra La La, held a bra stretch for charity. Women were asked to donate new and gently used bras for a local clothing charity that helped women get back on their feet and back into the job market. And if you know nothing about women’s clothing know this: you can put on the chicest skirt and top or dress or pants and sweater in the world, but if you don’t have the right underthings, baby, that shit’s gonna look awful. Like, Worst Dressed List awful.

Anyhooters, BLL collected all these bras and then hooked them together to see how far down the lane they’d stretch, and I can say firsthand that it was more than a few blocks long. More like 6 or 7 blocks long. A truly amazing sight, a bunch of women supporting each other, NO PUN INTENDED, BUT HAHAHAHAHAHA, and holding up what looked like the world’s longest clothing line of bras.


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