brilliant monkey

5 Aug

Pirate MonkeySo as I may have mentioned, Sister #1 is due with Baby #1 this October. Last weekend we threw her a baby shower, and months ago, when we were in planning stages, I announced that I would make cupcakes for the dessert portion.

“What kind of cupcakes do you like?” I asked.

“I like vanilla bean cake…with vanilla bean frosting,” Sister #1 responded after a moment. And then she sort of drifted off, and I pictured her staring dreamily into space as she continued in a spacey voice, “And I like monkeys….and pirates….”

To which I was all, “Um, okay, I’m not really sure how that fits in with cupcakes.”

So the above is the best I could do.* It’s not a monkey pirate cupcake, but it is much, much cuter. And won’t be all moldy by the time the baby gets here.

*Thanks again to Cassie, who is the one who actually made the sock monkey pirate. You can find more of her awesome creations here.

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