15 Jul

Suitcase 1Behold! The wondrous packing stylings of This Girl, as she traveled to Chicago last weekend. For the first time in possibly ever I managed to pack all of my needs into this carry-on suitcase and a shoulder bag. In the past, even on short trips I’ve never been able to manage that, due to the fact that I pack suitcases like an asshole. (Because you just never know what you’ll need, okay?) I tried my best to be conscientious and realistic about what I’d need this time, reminding myself, “Hey, Self, you always end up wearing the same thing whenever you’re at home, so why would you pack 3 different outfits?” “You’re right, Self,” I responded, and took out the extra cocktail dress I’d thrown in the case. The only snafu came on my return trip, when I had to transport my newly arrived bridesmaid dress* in said carry-on. Don’t worry, Mare! Still needs to be altered! I’ll have them steam the wrinkles and crunched fabric from being rolled up and shoved in my suitcase right out! Ha Ha! Good times!

*And no, that brown swirly dress on top in the photo is not my bridesmaid dress. That is the dress that I wore to the bridal SHOWER. The actual bridesmaid dress is mostly solid chocolate brown and took up a shit of a lot more room.


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