10 Jun

ReviewI do a lot of, I don’t know, I wouldn’t call them restaurant reviews, but I guess they kind of are, for a Baltimore website. They’re more like “What to Expect” articles, a description along the lines of “this is what the restaurant/bar/cafe/etc. offers, here’s what they specialize in, here’s kind of what it looks like, and here is what it will cost you.” Informative, but not always making judgement calls that could make or break a restaurant like, say, Ruth Reichel would in her days as the NYT food critic. Sometimes, though. Sometimes there are judgment calls, because things are just that awesome or awesomely awful that people should know about it. Even then, though, I don’t necessarily see it as judgment so much as I see it as calling it like it is.

I tend to get not a few odd looks as I sit there, eating and taking notes, jumping up to snap pictures from all sorts of angles of food and tables and the exterior signs of restaurants and bars. I’ve gotten used to the looks. And when friends are able to join me, they’ve gotten so used to waiting for me to take pictures of their eats that I no longer have to shout, “WAIT! DON’T EAT THAT YET!” startling half the restaurant patrons.


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