Loaf, Loaf, Loaf

3 Jun

Now that the weather is consistently nicer outside, even, dare I say it, hot (but then again, what I think is hot, or too-warm weather, is not so much to other people. This is what happens when you are part polar bear), I have a very strong desire to loll about reading books. Summer, to me, is book reading season, plain and simple. Well, all year long is book reading season for This Girl, it’s just enhanced and intensified in the summer. Growing up, summer – particularly those summers before I could drive and didn’t have a job and didn’t have much to do other than play softball a couple nights a week – reading was pretty much all I did during the summer. I’d go to the library with my mom, check out a teetering tower of books, go home, loll about in an air conditioned room, and get lost in a book for the entire day, sometimes until the wee hours of the morning, which was totally fine because I didn’t have anywhere to be so sleeping until 11 am was normal.

You can understand, then, that these days this desire to loll about is seriously harangued by things like work, and its collaborative arm of paying my rent. As my industry does not offer me the same working schedule as, for example, the teaching profession, my summers are mostly spent cooped up in my office staring at a Word document rather than staring at the pages of a book. Total bummer. I think more industries should have a work schedule like that of teachers – work really intensely for 9 months out of the year, and then get a 3 month break. Instead, we’re stuck with work really intensely for 12 months out of the year and get two weeks vacation. It totally sucks. Alas.

But in an effort to stay positive, I’ve decided that as much as I possibly can I’m going to make this summer very summer vacation-esque. Make it as footloose and fancy free as I can manage in my off-work hours, which could be tricky, but after this extended winter during which I feel like I ended up hibernating a good portion of, I’m itching to Do Things. Including, of course, lolling about reading books. Obviously, as it’s my favorite thing to do, it’s #1. But I’m not opposed to activities, lest I start getting Book Bum, that soreness you feel from sitting or laying about in one position for too long because you forgot to move, so engrossed were you in your reading.

So what else? What other activities can I add to the list? What’s on your Summer Fun List?

One Response to “Loaf, Loaf, Loaf”

  1. Nina June 9, 2009 at 10:57 AM #

    I would LOVE the three month summer break!!! Especially since I make about the same as an average teacher in my area. No fair!!! We don’t even get the week off between Christmas and New Year’s (maybe since my boss is Jewish and could care less about the birth of Jesus…..). OR, at LEAST, we should get ‘summer hours’, like many businesses do. Ugh. But, like you, I do enjoy a good read. Sigh.

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