Disturbing Something, Alright.

27 May

At the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Jones Bridge Road, I sat in the middle lane at a red light. On either side of me, perfectly parallel to my car, was a Montgomery County police officer. They each sat stoically in their patrol cars, one a man, the other a woman, looking straight ahead, very serious in their duties.

And then there was me.

My arms whipped around dramatically as I sang along loudly with Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, that I, too, had no air when they weren’t around. My face scrunched up, my shoulders swayed from side to side, I Was The Music and The Music Was Me.

I wondered if the officers could hear me singing, even though my windows were rolled up. Probably not. If they could, though, they were doing a very good job of ignoring a woman disturbing the peace and driving while under the influence of pop music.


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