Hola! Tequila es muy caliente!

5 May


I recently had to do a story for BMMX on tequila drinks at a restaurant called Blue Agave up in Baltimore. I had to go there and try a bunch of their margaritas and other cocktails on their drink menu, and then report back.

My life is hard.

They make a drink called the Spicy Guavarita, which involves guava syrup, a salted rim, and chili-infused tequila, which they make in-house, obviously, per the picture. And yes, you’re seeing that correctly: jalapeno, habanero, and serrano chilis marinating in tequila, which is then poured into a glass which you then pour down your gullet.

A damn fine way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, if ever there was one.

*And happy birthday to my brother-in-law. Hi, Jason! Happy Birthday to You!

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