Hours in the Day

6 Apr

Last week was a long week. It flew by quickly, but it was jam-packed from start to finish, leaving me wishing not so much that there were more hours in the day (I’m always happy to call it a night and retreat to my bed, and rarely do I feel guilty about leaving any work undone), but that there were more days in the week.

Check that.

More days in the weekend.

Because that, too, was jam-packed from start to finish, what with work at the newly picked-up second job, parties, running with the shelter dogs, grocery shopping, etc. There was some time for sitting around though, thankfully. I go back and forth between loving being busy and loving lounging. Finding the perfect balance of the two can be quite tricky and elusive sometimes.

And this week ahead? Not quite as busy, but several things to prepare for, and many several other things to stay up to speed on, lest the weeks after become a total nightmare.

And nobody wants that.

You know what this week calls for?

A list.

Ooooo…I do love a good list.

What’s on your list this week?


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