Hooray for the Parade of Colors

23 Mar


Last summer, while my sister was in Japan, she taught her 3-year-old  nephew, Taiga, how to say his colors in English. She went over red, yellow, blue, but apparently his favorite was green. Any time they would practice he would always come back to green, finding any and all objects he could find with the slightest hint of green in it and chanting “Green….green….green…” as he pointed to each one. Let me be the first to say that I had a very similar reaction as I walked to the store the other day, the sun shining down after a stretch of gray, cloudy days. I wanted to run down the street pointing and calling out all the vibrant colors, but instead I settled for chanting “green….green…green” in my head at each and every blade of grass, because I can only have so many outbursts before people start thinking I’m strange.


One Response to “Hooray for the Parade of Colors”


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    […] It’s not only delicious, but it’s also green…green….green…green…. […]

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